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Magali McDuffie, Filmmaker, Consultant, PhD Scholar, Graduate Certificate in Applied Anthropology (University of Western Australia, Perth), Masters of Languages and Linguistics, Graduate Diploma in Translation, (IPLV, Université Catholique de l'Ouest, France), Business Diploma (British Chamber of Commerce), Masters of Film and Television (Bond University), APA Scholarship recipient (2010), Visiting Research Fellow, AIATSIS (2011-2013), Watervale Award Recipient (2016), currently a PhD scholar at the National Centre for Indigenous Studies (Australian National University).

As a professional filmmaker, Magali McDuffie has worked for ten years with and for Aboriginal communities across Australia, and has also been engaged in a wide range of local and state government projects both as a filmmaker and consultant. Her filmography includes documentaries, short films, national community service announcements, and corporate videos. Her ongoing collaboration with Nyikina women in the Kimberley over the past eight years has led her to her PhD studies in which she privileges the voices of Nyikina women, and looks at how these have influenced cultural actions, economic and self-determination initiatives, through filmed interviews and narratives, using film as an advocacy tool. Through a Foucauldian deconstruction of the historical, anthropological and development discourses that have influenced Nyikina women’s lived experiences, coupled with a strongly Indigenist methodology, Magali seeks to empower the women in their constantly evolving social and political roles and examines their agency in an increasingly neo-colonial context. Their collaborative work has led to the presentation of their films at the Human Rights Commission in UNESCO, and at national and international film festivals and conferences in France, Scotland, and New Zealand.