My partner Alex and I journeyed through South Australia last year, visiting communities and interviewing Aboriginal Elders and leaders about the proposal to put nuclear waste dumps on their country. The message we heard was a resounding NO, from many different communities. And even though the South Australian Government has recently shelved the proposal for a high-level international dump, a low to intermediate level waste dump is still on the cards for the Flinders Ranges. And, as we all know, governments’ bad ideas don’t go away that easily…

As independent filmmakers we thought the issue was too important to ignore: this is about everyone’s future. Alex and I made this film with our own resources, in our own time, we were not paid, funded or sponsored by anyone. Now that our documentary, 'Protecting Country', is completed, we would like to bring it to as wide an audience as possible across Australia, to not only convey the message of the Elders, but to foster discussions around this important issue.

You can follow the film's journey across Australia on our website,, and our Facebook site: We have also set up a sponsor page: to seek support to fund Alex’s road trip across Australia to do screenings in as many communities, towns, and cities as we can. Every little bit helps, even just petrol money for the trip… So please share with your friends, and everyone you know, so we can keep Australia nuclear-free! We are counting on social media for support! Many thanks!